We purchase and manufacture only from verified suppliers and manufacturers that we have inspected. We have each new piece of our jewelry inspected and certified. You will receive a pearl certificate with every purchase from us.

Certification of pearl quality

In our online shop we sell only proven goods, which we have controlled from the purchase of primary raw materials to distribution.

CGL certificate

We have a certificate drawn up by the Czech Gemological Laboratory in Ostrava for each new piece of jewellery, and we do the same for our imported jewellery at random. Therefore, we do not issue these certificates for every piece of jewellery we sell, mainly because such a certificate would make the jewellery disproportionately expensive. (However, if you would like a CGL certificate, you can order one from us).

Czech Gemological Laboratory certificates are issued in two versions: large (see necklace and bracelet) and small (see ring and earrings). There is a fee for issuing a CGL certificate, please contact us if you are interested in this certificate.

Buka Jewelry certificate

As we are confident in the quality of the goods we sell due to the checks and methods described above, we supply our own Buka Jewelry certificate with every piece of jewellery we sell.

At the same time, the certificate also includes instructions on how to care for the jewellery. We send the Buka Jewelry certificate with every purchase and confirm the authenticity and quality of the pearls and metal used on it.

We supply this certificate with every piece of pearl jewellery.

Certificate Pearl Science Laboratory Tokyo Japan

A Japanese certificate that defines the quality of the pearl including measurements of pearl thickness, aurora effect and other parameters.  We supply this certificate with some Akoya pearls. It is mainly about the highest quality of Japanese Akoya pearls: Aurora HANADAMA.