In our shop we offer a unique service - individual orders of pearl jewellery. This offer is intended for those who are looking for something special, namely jewellery currently out of stock or not found in our offer. We will import any pearls and make pearl jewellery for you according to your request.

Rare and exclusive pearls

You can order pearl jewellery that is considered rare or of the highest quality. More specifically, these include South Sea pearls, known for their size, beautiful lustre and unique colours. Japanese Akoya pearls, popular for their perfect round shape and high luster, are also among the highly rated pearls. And of course, Tahitian pearls, known for their enchanting dark colours with a wide range of lustre, are not to be missed.

How does it work?

Once you let us know what type of pearl you want, what type of jewellery you are interested in, we will order everything you need or, after a personal selection, we will buy and make the jewellery to your specifications. This process includes the careful selection of the pearl, its import and the subsequent production of the jewellery. An advance payment agreement is also part of this process.

This service allows you to have a truly unique piece of jewellery, made to your exact dream specifications. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or the perfect gift for the person you care about, our individual pearl jewellery orders are the ideal choice. 

At our store, we value every customer and strive to meet even the most demanding requirements. We look forward to receiving your order!

Please contact us for individual inquiries.