How to determine the size of the bracelet

Here you will find out how to correctly calculate the circumference of your hand to the inner diameter of the bracelet. Simple math, from elementary school, that most of us have forgotten.

For pearl bracelets we list their length in cm, here it is quite easy to measure your hand circumference using a tailor's tape measure or string and compare it to the length of the bracelet.

For silver solid bracelets it is more complicated, we always indicate the inner diameter of the bracelet. You must calculate to get the correct size. Instructions can be found below

How to determine the correct size of the bracelet?

  1. Measure the circumference of your hand, e.g. with a tailor's tape measure or string.
  2. Divide it by pi 3.14 and round the result up to the nearest whole number.
  3. Add 5 mm.

The result should correspond to the inner diameter of the bracelet.

Example for arm circumference 175 mm

175 mm / 3.14 = 56 mm + 5 mm = inner circumference of the bracelet 61 mm 

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