The charm of pearls wins among fashion accessories

Few pieces of jewellery can make such a stunning statement as one made of pearls. Pearl jewellery is gaining in importance, gradually making its way to the forefront of jewellery boxes, and for many women, it represents the role of an impressive fashion accessory for both elegant and casual wardrobes. You can combine pearls with almost any style of clothing. Even the fashion visionary Coco Chanel knew this, for whom long strings of pearls were an

Pearl necklaces? For work and for a party

The character of pearls is simplicity and dazzle. You can choose to wear pearl earrings, rings and bracelets, but also pearl necklaces. You can find single-row necklaces, multi-row necklaces, cord necklaces, short and neck-hugging necklaces, as well as longer necklaces that fall to the waist. However, all of them will reliably and elegantly complement evening dresses, blouses and formal suits that women wear to work. Neck pearls are simply still in.

Thanks to the subtle shades of pearls, there is no need to be too attached to the chosen colour of the outfit. In fact, the pearl itself can mirror its colouring, adapting itself. However, if you are facing the purchase of your first pearl necklace, then choose a tried-and-tested classic that you can combine with any colour of dress. A pearl necklace in white or a hint of pink is versatile. For the more daring, we can recommend pearls in black, brown, dark blue or purple.

"Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance"

Coco Chanel

Pearls are not just the preserve of evening and evening models. You can wear them with any casual outfit. If you don't dare to adorn your neck with a pearl necklace during the day, then choose a lighter option as a fashion accessory, which can be a pearl ring, a pearl bracelet or delicate pearl earrings. Even for the connoisseurs of casual elegance, pearl jewellery is totally appropriate. If you are one of them, don't be afraid to spice up your distinctive style with a classic pearl ring or delicate pearl earrings.

Trousers, jeans, skirts, sweaters, shirts or tops? Take a bold approach to wearing pearls like celebrities from around the world. Don't be shy to wear pearls to any company. Because pearls always underline your personality and femininity with their simple and captivating elegance.

Pearls for every woman of every age

There are no set rules for wearing pearl jewellery. However, we will offer you one unwritten rule - younger girls and ladies of smaller stature are more suited to pearls of smaller sizes, as large ones look too heavy on them. And vice versa. Large pearls are perfect for accentuating women of mature age and tall stature.

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