A pearl gift for a woman? How to choose it correctly

Are you choosing gifts for women? Jewelry never offends. They will always surprise, dazzle, brighten and ultimately enhance femininity perfectly. Pearl jewellery is a symbol of sincere love, trust and gratitude. They can surely represent the deepest feelings and often unfound words. Wondering how to choose the right pearl jewelry for a woman?

Gifts made of pearls give joy to women

Because of their elegance and naturalness, genuine pearl jewellery is the most ideal choice as a gift for women. Pearls are not a product of machines but a product of nature, pearl plants (although one legend says that pearls are created from the tears of ancient gods), which suggests that pearl jewellery is a very special thing. And they should certainly not be missing from any woman's jewellery box. Pearls are a suitable gift for women for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, in short, you can give pearl jewellery at any time. If you have already bought one piece of jewellery, you can buy another one next time and gradually gift your wife with the whole pearl set.

Variety of pearl jewellery

The range of pearl jewellery is diverse in terms of pearl colours, jewellery designs and wearing occasions. Pearl earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants are commonly made from pearls. Individually, in pairs or whole sets. Pearls carry nobility, charm and perfect simplicity. Each pearl is original in its shape and colour, so each piece of jewellery made of pearls is unique. Finally, their quality and meticulous handcrafting by renowned Indonesian jewellers proves it. For example, you can read how a pearl necklace is born here.

The color and size of pearls, what gift for a woman to choose?

Choose the colour of pearl jewellery by feeling. It always depends on what clothes your partner wears, what she looks like and what occasion you have decided to give the jewellery for. But if you really need a little help... Women with darker eye, hair and skin colour are suited to lighter and brighter shades of pearls (white pearls, pink pearls, grey pearls or light blue pearls). Such pearls make women's face, décolletage and hands shine wonderfully. And vice versa. Women with lighter skin and hair look better with darker colours of pearls (dark blue, brown pearls, black and purple pearls). Such pearls will take care of the perfect accentuation of features and overall appearance. Of course, there is no rule, even a blonde looks good with white pearls and a dark-haired woman with dark pearls, choose according to what the woman likes. 

Similarly, we can recommend buying for women of slim figures, rather smaller pearls (max. medium size). We know that men try in the best sense of the word to impress their sweetheart with the most valuable gift, but a petite woman may not feel too comfortable with a set of jewelry made of large pearls. If you don't know what to choose, don't be shy to call or write, we will be happy to help you with your choice and recommend the best.

And what if you still miss the mark with your gift? As long as you shop with a decent retailer, you shouldn't have any problems exchanging an inappropriate gift (in our e-shop this is a matter of course).

Gifts for women - Pearls of happiness

No matter how adventurous you are when choosing a pearl jewellery, believe that you will impress every woman with such a gift. Pearls have been a part of us for centuries and the processing possibilities make river pearl jewellery a very modern, elegant and delicate feminine element. With the right outfit it will form a perfect harmony. And underlines the charm and personality of the gifted woman.

Does your wife love simplicity and beauty? Congratulations, you have just found the perfect gift for her.

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