Price of pearls

We are often asked about pearl prices. You can find the current prices of our jewellery in our online catalogue.

The price of pearls depends on several factors. The origin, type, quality, shape and color of the pearl all affect the price of the jewelry itself.

There are many types of genuine pearls, the most expensive of which are natural wild pearls, which are rarely found on jewellery. Most of them are traded at auctions and end up in vaults, as they are very high in value indeed.

Cultured sea pearls and freshwater pearls are used in the jewellery industry.

To compare the prices of pearls, we will use simple pearl earrings with a pearl around 7–8 mm. 

  • The price of freshwater pearls combined with a simple silver clasp is in the order of several tens of EUR. 
  • The same pearl earrings with a river pearl in white gold will already increase the price of pearls from EUR 100 upwards.
  • If the earrings are in gold and the Akoya sea pearl is used, the price of the pearls will rise to several hundred EUR.
  • If you choose genuine Tahitian pearls with a gold clasp, these earrings will cost you in the hundreds of EUR.
  • For the most expensive earrings made of genuine South Sea pearls you can pay around EUR 1000 (with high quality even several thousand EUR).
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