Pendant south sea 13 AA

Pendant with a large white pearl of the South Seas.

The pendant is made of the rarest and most precious South Sea pearls cultivated in French Polynesia. We recommend this piece of jewelry if you are interested in an absolutely exceptional piece of jewelry with the most prized pearls.

The pendant is sold without a chain.

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The pearls of the South Seas are highly prized and admired all over the world. They are quite exceptional and rare, growing to a size of 8-22 mm and can be found in white, cream, pink, grey and golden shades.

Contact us if you are interested in other South Seas pearl jewellery. (Sets, necklace, earrings, ring, or pendant). We will be happy to supply this jewellery to order after a personal consultation with you.


Type of pearl
South sea pearls
Pearl quality
Diameter of pearl
Ø 13 mm
Pearl shape
Weight of gold
0,20 g
Country of origin
French Polynesia

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