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Pearl sets from Buka Jewelry: one jewel will delight, two will surprise, but a set of pearl jewelry will captivate. The essence of originality and quality of Buka Jewelry jewelry is precise handmade. These jewels are made in the Czech Republic from gold, silver and cultured pearls. The combination of genuine pearls, quality material and meticulous handwork makes the jewellery an enduring value of undying modern style. We offer a wide variety of pearl jewelry assembled into sets, identical sizes and colors of pearls in the set.

We are specialists in pearl jewellery, you will receive a certificate of pearl authenticity with every purchase and you can rely on our necklaces and bracelets to be knotted with pearls.

The pearl set is suitable as a gift for a 30th wedding anniversary, or any other significant anniversary. Choose from our selection.


  • €165 - €2,248

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