GoPay payment gateway license

Gopay is an electronic money institution licensed by the Czech National Bank to provide payment services and issue electronic money.

PCI DSS Level 1

PCI DSS ((Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a set of rules according to which payment intermediaries (and therefore GoPay) are to handle sensitive payment information to prevent its misuse. These rules were created at the behest of card associations such as VISA and Mastercard, are internationally recognised and virtually every organisation that processes card payments must follow them. In July 2016, GoPay passed an independent audit that confirmed that GoPay's infrastructure is compliant with the PCI DSS v 3.1 security standard.


GoPay is a regulated entity under the supervision of the Czech National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, and complies with all legal requirements.

Sensitive data

GoPay handles payment card data in accordance with the highest security standards. Security criteria are followed when handling sensitive data.

3D Secure

Depending on the amount, payment card transactions are protected by a personal PIN, which contributes to higher security of the payment made. 256bit SSL GoPay uses secure encryption according to standardized best practices, the payment is always safe.


GoPay is a registered partner of the major card associations VISA and MasterCard, meeting all their requirements.


GoPay maintains a long-term payment gateway availability of 99.5%. All scheduled outages are performed at night during off-peak hours.

AWS Infrastructure

GoPay utilizes the most reliable data centers and applies a redundant, geographically separated IT infrastructure to operate the payment system. Fraud Management GoPay has developed a sophisticated system to protect against risky transactions. Setup parameters are individual for each merchant.