For a pearl wedding (30 years) give a pearl jewel

Every wedding anniversary deserves a thoughtful gift and a toast. But if you're one of those whose marriage just hit 30 years together, it means you're in for a pearl wedding.

You can plan your pearl wedding celebrations in a lavish or a sober style. Of course, it always depends entirely on you, your mood and the circumstances. But the important thing is that your love continues to mature like wine and your wife is gifted with true elegance for her pearl wedding. A beautiful, appropriate, original and natural representative of elegance is undoubtedly a pearl necklace. A cord full of real pearls will emphasize individuality and beauty. And for such an important anniversary, it is above all a gift in the right place. 

Don't skimp when choosing a pearl necklace or a whole pearl set. You've known your wife for at least 30 years, so you certainly won't need a hint as to what colour she likes. And whether she prefers bold or delicate jewellery. Pearl necklaces are commonly available with small, medium and large pearls, as well as in white, light pink, cream or black. 

When buying a necklace, also make sure to check the authenticity of the pearls used. In addition to uncultured pearls, genuine pearls are of course also those that are cultured, i.e. from river and sea pearls. Every good pearl dealer will deliver a guarantee of quality and authenticity in the form of an unadulterated certificate together with the necklace. You will receive one with every purchase of pearl jewellery in our pearl e-shop.

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