Silver earrings dominate the jewellery

In earlier times, earrings were only worn on special occasions. Today, earrings are a must-have for most women. We wear them to work, parties, sports and housework. Often we don't even take them off when we go to bed.

Silver earrings are a part of us and the more we have in our jewellery box, the happier we feel. Like other jewellery, earrings are symbols of undying love, sincere gratitude, friendship, natural beauty and feminine personality.

Silver leads the way. For centuries!

Silver earrings are the most widespread, the most modern and probably the most affordable. Silver earrings are a basic element and an article of every Czech jewellery shop. You will rarely and rarely find an identical piece of jewellery. The creativity, imagination and originality of jewellery designers' ideas are behind the really wide range of earrings.

What is certain is that jewellery designers will always offer you earrings that match your exact needs. Whether you are looking for silver earrings as an understated adornment, earrings suitable for sports, earrings as a gift for your wife, daughter, mother or grandmother or earrings for special and unusual occasions. There is a plethora of silver earrings on the market and it is up to you to choose.

One of the undeniable advantages of silver earrings, apart from their availability and wide range, is their purchase price. Even though the value of silver is gradually increasing, silver earrings can be purchased at a relatively low price. The value of an earring is mainly influenced by its setting with stones or pearls. However, you will also find differences in the shape and type of clasp, but this should have absolutely no effect on the price of the earrings.

Silver earrings a thousand times different

In jewellery shops you will commonly come across dangle, hoop, pierced or clip earrings. Women who prefer convenience or live and work in an active way will be more suited to smaller silver earrings, preferably in the shape of a stone (pierced) or small clip-on earrings. Such earrings hold reliably, do not bother with their size, but still add to the charm. The opposite is also true. If you have the opportunity and the desire to be more daring, you definitely won't go wrong with earrings of larger sizes and unusual shapes.

Back to school for physics class

Silver is a noble metal with a distinctive white colour and is an important component of various alloys for use in more than just jewellery. Silver itself is characterised by its relatively high softness and is prone to blackening. To improve the mechanical and visual properties of silver, jewellery silver is supplemented with copper. Silver jewellery contains around 90% silver, the rest is copper. The shine and durability of silver earrings depends on the surface quality of the jewellery. To enhance the surface quality of the jewellery, the earrings are covered with very thin layers of rhodium metal. This treatment makes silver jewellery much more durable, shinier, and does not tarnish or tarnish.

They can last forever. Don't you believe it?

It's beautiful when a piece of jewellery is passed down from generation to generation. But how do you preserve its permanence and, above all, its clean and bright silver appearance? Every piece of jewellery, not excluding silver earrings, requires your care. Only proper handling, storage and cleaning will prolong the "age" of the jewellery. And in the best case, you will achieve its immortality.

Get a jewellery box for your earrings and other jewellery. The inside of the jewellery box is usually covered with fabric. This keeps your silver jewellery in a dry and dark place. Although it may not seem like it, silver jewelry is also susceptible to kitchen fumes, paint, paper and especially moisture. For example, chlorinated water in swimming pools can severely damage silver earrings.

To clean silver earrings, you can use special cleaning pastes and solutions, which are commonly available in drugstores and jewellers, or mechanical cleaning using ultrasound. You can also try tried and tested and often advertised home methods. For example, silver can also be effectively cleaned using electrochemical reactions. However, if you want to avoid even minimal scratching, consult a jeweller.

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