How to care for your pearl jewellery

Do you care for your pearl jewellery in the right way? Read on for good advice on how to treat your pearls so that they last as good as new for as long as possible.

Pearls are a natural product, the pearl is formed inside the pearl barrel by layering calcium carbonate and other organic substances that dissolve easily in acids. For this reason, do not expose your pearls to cosmetics and other chemicals. For example, hairspray, perfume, acid from beverages, and even human sweat can damage pearls.

Genuine pearls are of organic origin and pearl is relatively soft. Pearls can be abraded or scratched by careless handling or storage. Therefore, avoid contact of pearls with sharp objects and keep them in a soft box without contact with other jewelry.

The surface of a pearl is not perfectly smooth, a real pearl is not like a glass bead or a faux pearl on which everything slides easily. The surface of real pearls is textured. Therefore, dirt, cosmetic residues, sweat and skin can settle on pearls. Clean your pearls if you know that you have worn your pearls in an environment or under conditions where they have been exposed to elements that could mar them over time. Wipe their surface with a damp cloth before storing them. If worst comes to worst, the cloth can be dampened in a weak soap solution and then cleaned again with a damp cloth (without soap). Do not clean the beads with chemicals under any circumstances.

Store pearls in a dark place in a box designed for pearls only, without contact with other jewellery. The pearl necklace should not hang when stored. Do not store pearls in places that are too dry or too warm, they may crack. Too much light or frequent contact with water can cause pearls to lose their luster.

For example, if you use a pearl ring or pearl earrings for everyday wear - put them away when washing your hands or taking a shower. Some pearl jewellery may use a special adhesive that loses its strength when exposed to hot water for long periods of time (this is the jewellers' intention for the pearl to loosen if the jewellery is repaired).

Pearls need a regularly moist, but not wet, environment - they do best on your body.

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