Determining the quality of pearls

The quality of pearls is judged by several parameters (especially shape, lustre, percentage of defects). There are two systems of pearl quality rating used in the world, AAA - AA - A. For Tahitian pearls, the quality designation is A-D (sometimes also called Tahitian rating).

AAA - pearls of the highest quality

Virtually flawless pearls, the surface has a very high luster and at least 95% of the pearl surface is free of any type of natural defects (dots, grooves). 

The pearl should have a perfectly round shape, high luster. For Akoya marine pearls of this quality, the pearl thickness should be 0.4 mm or more (this is not the case for freshwater pearls, as they are made entirely of pearl).

The designation Aurora HANADAMA is used for Japanese Akoya pearls. This is the highest quality Akoya pearl (shape, luster and number of natural flaws) yet above AAA level. HANADAMA quality pearls are only produced up to 5% of the total production of Akoya pearls and are therefore very expensive. For HANADAMA pearls, please ask for the original certificate from Japan.

AA - standard quality 

The surface of the pearl should have a high luster, and at least 75% of the surface of the pearl should be free of natural defects. The shape of the pearl is almost round, the luster will be very nice, thick layer of pearl. Overall, AA pearls are of very nice quality, but not as beautiful as AAA quality.

In the picture you can see the detail of the AA quality pearls.

A - the lowest quality

This is the lowest quality pearl with less luster and/or blemishes on more than 25% of the pearl surface. The surface of the pearl may have grooves, dots, and the shape may not be very regular. 

In the picture you can see a detail of pearls in quality A.

You can also find A+, AA+ on

In our shop you can also find pearls with the quality mark A+ AA+. These are pearls that are on the range of two qualities for example AA and AAA we mark as AA+.

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